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    ROSE, Chitral is non-profitable and Non-Government Organization registered with Government of KPK under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960. The organization is working in the education sector by providing opportunities to the poor and needy talented students of Chitral, without any kind of discrimination of race/caste, gender, and area. The Motto of the ROSE is to provide every kind of facilities to the talented students of the district by the donation of philanthropist individuals of the society. As without development in education, it is beyond imagination to bring changes in the society and uplift in the area in order to bring the social condition of Chitral at par with the rest of the world. Up till now, ROSE Chitral has achieved remarkable success towards its destination.

    At present more than 300 students are getting the education with the support of ROSE and the number of its beneficiaries will be double in the coming years. Various Universities in the country have reserved seats in various disciplines for ROSE and the response is very encouraging. The youth of Chitral are highly talented, but lack of finance is the main hurdle in education as it’s beyond the capacity of a common Chitrali family to support the expenses of higher education.

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